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About Studio Miralaluna :

Studio Miralaluna was founded in 2002 by Carmel Kushnir, illustrator and graphic designer.
Carmel,a graduate of Wizo college of design, Haifa, Israel, worked as an illustrator for childrens' magazines and multimedia and for firms specializing in games and didactic products.

Studio Miralaluna ( Spanish for: "look at the moon!") was founded out of a great love for design and paper.

All the products are art-oriented paper products and are meant For a wide range of uses and purposes, for example:

  • Greeting cards, exlibris, placemats and coasters, notebooks, spice and kitchen labels, recipe cards, sandwich labels etc.

Lately the didactic line was launched, consisting of products meant to make the studying environment more cheerful, colourful and friendly and also more efficient and organized.
This line includes: multiplication table, ABC table, time-table, Note-book name stickers and more.

Miralaluna's products can be found in design-shops, Bookshops and giftshops around the country.

It is also possible to have Miralaluna's products custom-made According to the clients' needs.

All Miralaluna's products are printed and manufactured in Israel.


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